Coming from a family of book worms, it was obvious that Hayley would inherit the same love for words. Her father, a published author, and mother, a fully-pledged book enthusiast made it possible for her to grow up in what may as well have been a library. As a child she spent her down time reading, gradually developed that into writing; which in turn has lead her to be an author herself. Not only does she enjoy telling other people’s stories, but she thrives in helping inspire others to create too.

Due to this, writing has¬†quickly developed into¬†Hayley’s first passion, with her ultimate goals to be a published author and an editor of her own magazine. To keep her creative writing alive, she has contributed to a number of blogs during her time at university and continued to write her own personal essays. Most recently she has launched an online magazine – tobi – in the hope to both educate and inspire others.

tobi Magazine
A magazine for people who are looking for inspiration to create.

The Writer’s Daughter
Personal blog for thoughts and essays.

Other articles
Collection of other articles and reviews.